Crites Hall

Crites Hall

Built in 1908, formerly known as the Kahn Building, this 39,740-square-foot facility housed the offices and storage space for Kahn & Co., a national linen distributor. The building, named for Tom Crites, member of the SCAD Board of Trustees, now houses the 150-seat Mondanaro Theater, set design and scene shop, dance studio, classrooms and a costume studio, among others. Students in the performing arts program develop skills within an arts environment that emphasize visual creativity, advanced design technologies, hands-on production and cultural dialogue. Production design graduates often embark on careers such as art directors, television producers, production designers and theme park designers while performing arts graduates pursue careers as actors, directors, casting directors, models, producers and technical directors.

Images from the facility

American actress and singer-songwriter Emmy Rossum holds a SCAD master class in the black-box style Mondanaro Theater.

SCAD actors prepare for a performance of "Animal Farm" by putting on stage makeup and student-designed costumes.

Visiting lecturer presentations and master classes are held at the 150-seat Mondanaro Theater inside Crites Hall.

In the Crites Hall scene shop students learn building techniques used for set construction.

SCAD performing arts students take to the stage for a production of "Animal Farm" in the Mondanaro Theater.