Arnold Hall, exterior, SCAD Savannah

SCAD faculty host Write On/Speak Up workshop series

Friday, Jan. 31, 2014

Arnold Hall

Savannah, GA

1810 Bull St.

Join SCAD’s liberal arts department for a series of workshops dedicated to the process of writing and its many forms.

11 a.m. workshops

  • “Death is Easy, Comedy is Hard: A Few Tips on Writing Humor” with English professor Harrison Key, Arnold Hall, Room 220
  • "Poetry: How a Poem Happens" with creative writing professor Angela M. Brandt, Arnold Hall, Room 219
  • "Relaxation: A Passport to Freeing Up Creativity" with communications professor Jeffrey DeVincent, Arnold Hall, Room 237
  • "Writing for Stage and Screen: Creating Characters Through Dialogue" with English professor Dennis Randall, Arnold Hall, Room 230
  • "Show, Don’t Tell: Using Concrete Language" with the Writers’ Studio’s Laura Davenport, Arnold Hall, Room 233

1 p.m. workshops

  • “Improv for Shy Speakers” with communications professor Julie Berman, Arnold Hall, Room 218
  • “The Art of Interviewing” with career services' Ryan Warrington, Arnold Hall, Room 219
  • “Submitting Your Work to Literary Magazines” with the Writers’ Studio’s Laura Davenport, Arnold Hall, Room 233
  • "Writing Dialogue for the Short Story" with creative writing professor George Williams, Arnold Hall, Room 228
  • "The Work of Dreaming and Dreaming in the Works" with professor Bonnie Million, Arnold Hall, Room 236
  • "Writing God: Furthering Writing through Faith" with English professor Nicol Augusté, Arnold Hall, Room 230
  • "How to Write a Graduate Thesis" with English professor David Stivers, Arnold Hall, Room 232
  • Visualize Your Success: Mental Techniques to Achieve Your Dreams" with psychology professor Mary Lou Davis, Arnold Hall, Room 222

The workshop series is free and open to all SCAD students with valid SCAD ID. Register online or log on to MySCAD > Student Workspace tab > Learning Resource Network channel > “Peer Tutor Connection” link.