Student Center, SCAD Savannah

Generate, a professor–led, 24–hour art competition, at SCAD Savannah

Student Center

Savannah, GA

120 Montgomery St.

Fall 2013, SCAD students in the Savannah and Atlanta locations compete in Generate, an annual event of company-sponsored, 24-hour design challenges. Through Generate, SCAD is able to celebrate and highlight the diversity and creativity of its students.

In 2008, Generate was established in SCAD Atlanta as a part of the international"24-Hour Comic Day" competition. It has now become a signature event of the Atlanta location. This fall will be the first Generate hosted at both SCAD Savannah and SCAD Atlanta. 

Savannah Generate Events:

There will be four major events — Kickoff Presentation, Midpoint Review, Final Presentation and Awards Ceremony.

Savannah Design Challenge I:
Twizzlers Design Challenge
Collaboration with Hershey's to create Twizzlers-inspired artwork to be featured in the company's digital gallery.
Lead Department: Illustration

Savannah Design Challenge II:
SCAD Design Challenge
Collaboration with SCAD to develop design concepts for SCAD's 35th-year anniversary that can be installed in 35 major cities around the world, highlighting the importance of design while resolving common issues in the cities.

Savannah Design Challenge III : TBA