Dustin Yellin exhibition: 'The Triptych'


Dustin Yellin, "The Triptych," Feb. 7-June 8, SCAD Museum of Art, Experimental Gallery. Presented as part of deFINE ART 2014. Photograph by John McKinnon. Courtesy of SCAD.

Dustin Yellin exhibition: 'The Triptych'

Feb. 7-June 8
SCAD Museum of Art
601 Turner Blvd.
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"The Triptych," making its museum premiere, is Yellin’s largest and most complex work, a massive 12-ton, three-paneled epic, embodying his vision of the world and consciousness. For Yellin, "the universe and the mind are shadowy places seething with dark magic, seas of boundless depth and possibility, overflowing with joy and disaster." In this composition of clippings, acrylic and glass, Yellin presents a surreal spectacle.

Presented as part of the 2014 deFINE ART program, Feb. 18-21

Reception: Tuesday, Feb. 18, 6-7:30 p.m.

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