Picture yourself as a SCAD Atlanta student in introductory drawing class

Get a peek into life as a SCAD student as you sit in on the foundation studies course DRAW 101: Drawing II: Composition and Media. In this course, research and experimentation are used to refine the handling of black-and-white media, expand skills to include the use of color media, and develop drawings that integrate content, concept and composition.

At this event, you will also be able to tour the university's liberal arts and foundation studies departments as well as explore other fields of study. You will learn directly from a SCAD faculty member, meet with an admission adviser, and start the application process.

SCAD Atlanta students have limitless opportunities for professional growth. Surrounded by Fortune 500 companies and a thriving arts scene, SCAD Atlanta provides the perfect backdrop for your creative career.

This event is free and open to prospective students.

For more information, call 404.253.2700 or email admissioneventsatl@scad.edu.

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