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SCAD presents the sixth edition of deFINE ART, the university's annual fine and contemporary art showcase. Taking place Feb. 17-19 at SCAD locations in Savannah and Atlanta, Georgia, deFINE ART features renowned artist Xu Bing as the honoree and keynote speaker.


More than 10 exhibitions will present thought-provoking work celebrating fine art in all its forms.

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The roster of guests at deFINE ART includes acclaimed and emerging artists working in a variety of media.

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"Art does something to us. It's a verb. It's active. It doesn't just sit there."

Jerry Saltz | Art critic and columnist

The art of influence

Relive deFINE ART from years past through the inspiring words of our previous guests and honorees. From Marina Abramović’s evolution as a performance artist to Tim Rollins’ work with underprivileged students, these are the moments that epitomize deFINE ART.

Marina Abramović: Keynote speaker for deFINE ART 2011

deFINE ART 2012 program guests and their definitions for art

Shirin Neshat: Keynote speaker for deFINE ART 2013

deFINE ART 2014 program guests describe art and its impact on the world

deFINE ART 2014: Tim Rollins and K.O.S.

Painting student painting portrait of live model

SCAD School of Fine Arts

SCAD's fine art programs guide students to become practical idealists — artists prepared to succeed at the highest level of creative expression. Available programs include: Painting, printmaking, photography and sculpture

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