School of Fine Arts | deFINE ART 2014

School of Fine Arts

SCAD School of Fine Arts degrees and majors

Traditionally defined as being based primarily on aesthetics, the fine arts at SCAD go beyond intellectual and conceptual concerns to address advanced technical training. Programs guide students to become practical idealists — artists prepared to succeed at the highest level of creative expression.


Long revered as one of the most traditional of the fine arts, painting now encompasses a variety of media. Professional painters may work as independent studio artists or in a wide range of professional fields, from museum curation to multimedia and film.


Printmakers, as artists of the 21st century, have extensive possibilities to contribute to a wide range of professions related to the discipline. Graphic design, fibers, painting, photography, film and other disciplines are closely linked to this tradition.


Photography is a persuasive, powerful medium with a rich history of contributing to cultural knowledge and enabling people to communicate their ideas. Photographers create images for a variety of contexts ranging from commercial to journalism to fine art. Powerful photographs share in common an excellence of design and craft and compelling content and concept.


Sculptors use the craft of their medium and their personal vision to demonstrate awareness of the function of sculpture in a public context. They may exhibit in galleries or outdoor public venues or use their skills as part of an architectural team, in fabrication work or fine art casting, to create installations or props for photography or film.