SCAD Summer Seminars Atlanta
P.O. Box 77300 Atlanta, GA 30357
Phone: 404.253.2700 or 877.722.3285

SCAD Summer Seminars Savannah 
P.O. Box 2072 Savannah, GA 31402
Phone: 912.525.5100 or 800.869.7223

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Unleash your creativity in a Summer Seminars workshop that stirs your passions. Workshops may include demonstrations, lectures, studio work and local field trips, and include all supplies needed for participation. Participants live and create in SCAD's award-winning, inspired facilities, and have an all-access pass to the cutting-edge technology and the vast, unparalleled university libraries during the program. Students participate in two distinct workshops, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Families are invited to view student work from all workshops displayed at a closing exhibition Friday evening.

Atlanta workshops

In Atlanta, participants experience SCAD life in a bustling, 21st-century global crossroads. Students at this location may select a prescribed seminar concentration or combine workshops from different disciplines to best take advantage of SCAD’s diverse facilities in this enterprising American metropolis.

Atlanta workshops

Savannah workshops

Attending workshops in Savannah gives students the opportunity to experience SCAD’s flagship location, interwoven into one of the most storied, historic urban fabrics in the U.S. Workshops are held in a variety of SCAD facilities interspersed throughout the heart of downtown Savannah.

Savannah workshops



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