Upcoming workshops

The office for career and alumni success offers events throughout the year including workshops, employer visits, the annual Career Fair, visiting lecturers and panelists, and many more.

March 30

Discover the ins and outs of working at NBCUniversal

Explore creative opportunities that will get you working alongside some of the best in the media and entertainment fields.

March 31

Strengthen your skills at interview workshop

Polish your public speaking abilities at this free student success workshop.

March 31

Quell job-search anxiety with practice interviews

This free student success workshop is the perfect opportunity to practice your interview skills and learn more about the process.<...

April 3

Delve into ways to make your résumé and cover letter shine

Attend this workshop from career and alumni success to learn how to stand out to potential employers and compose job application m...

April 3

Meet SCAD animation alumni

Join career and alumni success for "Cartoonistic," a panel discussion featuring SCAD alumni working in Los Angeles creating popula...

April 3

Consider a career in advertising

Sit down with representatives from Crispin Porter + Bogusky, an award-winning advertising agency, and discuss how the company make...

April 4

Seek career opportunities at Microsoft

*CANCELED* Join Microsoft representatives and learn how your creative talents match the needs of this technology ...

April 5

Explore the path to overcoming obstacles

CAS presents a discussion with Rex Hausmann about how he overcame a unique set of challenges to forge a successful career as a cur...

April 5

Innovate in the digital advertising world with a career at AKQA

Join representatives from this award-winning ad agency as they discuss how the changing media and technology landscape requires a ...

April 5

Connect with DreamWorks Animation representatives

Learn about company culture at this animation giant and discover what it takes to join the team behind such animated classics as "...

April 6

Discover the importance of a great business card

Attend this workshop for tips on how to make this impression positive and memorable with this essential leave-behind.

April 6

Learn about working in the U.S. as an F-1 visa student

Discover the best job-search strategies for working in the U.S. as an international student and how to appropriately discuss your ...

April 7

Master the art of the interview

Take part in mock interviews to rehearse your pitch, review essential interview strategies and more.

April 7

Understand how the ADA relates to your job search

Join us for a workshop covering resources for persons with disabilities, including employee rights, types of accommodation, and di...

April 10

Make your mark with memorable business cards

At this bite-sized student success workshop, you'll learn tips for designing a business card you can leave behind with confidence....

April 10

Boost your LinkedIn game at workshop

Stop by this between-class workshop to learn how to best use this invaluable networking tool. Hear about ways to build a stellar p...

April 11

Discover how to network your way to success

Determine your networking strengths and weaknesses and learn how to overcome your inhibitions when meeting new people and promotin...

April 17

Learn to leave a lasting impression with your portfolio

Attend this brief, faculty-led workshop with career adviser Adam Newbold to learn best practices for presenting your work to emplo...

April 18

Learn how to look your best for interviews

Your promotional materials look great, and now you want to make sure you do, too.

April 21

The top creatives of the future convene at Interview Day 2017

Discover on-site interview and networking opportunities at this annual career event — the largest of its kind at SCAD Hong Kong.

May 2

Explore the keys to a knockout portfolio

Sit in on this mini-workshop to learn everything you need to know about a successful professional portfolio.

May 4

Learn to sell yourself at 'Elevator Pitch Perfect' sessions

Attend this two-part workshop and make your employer presentations as impressive as your talents and skills.

May 5

The world’s next creative leaders shine at Out to Launch 2017

A twist on the traditional career fair, Out to Launch connects employers with dozens of exceptional graduating SCAD students each ...