Workshop descriptions for Hong Kong Summer Workshops

Drawing Studio
Available in Session I, Session II, Session III
Students learn basic skills and techniques for drawing from direct observation using subjects such as still life, landscape and architecture. The depiction of form, light and spatial depth is emphasized along with accurate proportion and scale.

Introduction to Fashion
Available in Session II, Session III
This course addresses the basic elements of fashion design. Students are introduced to the design processes of trend and fabric research, storyboarding compiling, color story, and the development of creative ideas.

Introduction to Photography
Available in Session II, Session III
Students learn the latest professional techniques for creating spectacular photographs in multiple genres, including studio lighting, digital retouching and digital printing.

Introduction to Graphic Design
Available in Session II, Session III
This workshop introduces students to the design process and principles of design. Emphasis is placed on problem-solving and graphic design as a form of visual communication. Students learn how to concept, design and implement their creative ideas using industry-standard software.

Introduction to Interior Design
Available in Session II, Session III
Participants in this workshop are introduced to the fundamentals of architectural graphics, from plans and elevations to perspective drawings. They learn technical drawing concepts through a variety of media, including computer generated drawings and utilizing Google SketchUp.

Introduction to Comic Illustration
Available in Session II, Session III
Introducing the components of sequential art, this course explores visual narrative theories and techniques. Students become familiar with the discipline of sequential art and the various standard tools and techniques involved.

* Course offerings are subject to change. Additional seminars and workshops may be added at a later date.