Student health services

Counseling and support services

Students may encounter challenging life experiences that interfere with the pursuit of their academic goals and/or personal growth. Counselors are available to assist students with short-term individual counseling, organize support groups, make community referrals, plan educational workshops and provide self-help resources. Assistance is offered for a wide range of concerns, and services are free. Confidentiality is guaranteed within legal and ethical guidelines.

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Student health clinic

In Savannah, Memorial Health University Medical Center operates a minor illness clinic for SCAD students. The student health clinic is staffed by a nurse practitioner.

Atlanta, Hong Kong and Lacoste students also have health services through local medical practitioners.

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Health care for international students

Health care in the United States is largely a private industry. In contrast to the governments of many other countries, the U.S. government does not provide free, universal medical coverage to its citizens. Thus, medical care in the United States is very expensive; a short stay in the hospital can cost thousands of dollars, while a simple visit to the doctor's office can cost hundreds. In order to protect students from the potential financial impacts of health issues, SCAD requires all international students (F-1 visas) to maintain adequate health insurance coverage for the entire academic year.

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Accident and sickness insurance

While the Savannah College of Art and Design generally does not require health insurance of its students (with the some exceptions), medical coverage is highly recommended in the event of a serious illness or injury. Wells Fargo Insurance Company has an accident and sickness policy designed specifically for students who are interested in obtaining insurance of this nature. Please note that as an accident and sickness plan, this policy is not qualified under the Affordable Care Act.

This policy is neither endorsed by nor required by the Savannah College of Art and Design, but is one of many options available to students seeking medical insurance. More information on this plan is available at