SCAD Summer Seminars payment process

Program fee payment options

There are two options for paying the Summer Seminars program fee online:

Option A requires a minimum payment of $250 no later than two weeks after initial registration AND the selection of an option below:

Option 1 allows a second minimum payment of $400 and the remaining balance before May 15.

Option 2 allows the remaining balance to be paid in full by May 15.

Option B allows one full payment of $900 (nonresidential) or $1,100 (residential) no later than two weeks after the initial registration.

The initial payment secures a place in the program. If the final payment is not received by May 15, the student is removed from the program. Students admitted on or after May 15 must make their payment in full.

Students who are unable to make an online payment should contact the summer program team at 912.525.5100 (Savannah) or 404.253.2700 (Atlanta) for more information.