SCAD Summer Seminars Atlanta workshops

SCAD Summer Seminars students participate in two workshops. In Atlanta, participants may select a suggested seminar concentration listed below or combine workshops from different disciplines.

Fashion seminar

Sketching and Illustration for Garments
Through demonstrations, class work and professional examples, students explore many aspects of fashion illustration including basic fashion figures, and white and color garment illustrations. Students select one of their own illustrations for exhibition.

Textiles for Garments
Through demonstrations and class work, students learn the qualities and properties of fashion fabrics. By investigating the fibers, care and finishing of textiles, students learn the basic methods of textile design development. For the closing exhibition, students create a storyboard inspired by their unique choice of textiles and color schemes, as well as mini-bust form garment.

Photography seminar

Photographic Foundations
Students learn to see photographically through an exploration of the basic tools, techniques and aesthetics of digital photography. Emphasis is placed on the creative use of camera controls, exposure, digital imaging software and an awareness of the critical issues in contemporary photography. Students must bring a 5-megapixel (minimum) point-and-shoot or SLR digital camera.

Photographic Editing Techniques
This workshop introduces digital modification of photography through the use of editing software and the commercial and aesthetic application of digital imagery. Students learn to recreate images with an emphasis on black-and-white versus color editing. Students must possess basic computer skills and should bring a 5-megapixel (minimum) point-and-shoot or SLR digital camera and some existing digital images on a CD.

Printmaking seminar

Learn how to make photographs the nineteenth century way! Photogravure was invented in 1865 as the first high quality means of printing photographs on fine art paper. Participants will be exposed to the historic use of this medium as well as its contemporary practice. Participants explore photopolymer printing, a modern version of the process, to create artwork for the closing exhibition. The process makes an excellent medium for collage and the incorporation of drawing elements with photography.

Drawing in Layers
This workshop teaches students new approaches for drawing images in layers. With graphic printmaking processes such as silkscreen and monotype, students experiment in class and translate their traditional drawing skills by printmaking their hand-drawn designs on paper for the closing exhibition.

Painting seminar

Acrylic Media
Through this workshop, students engage in a variety of painting techniques including glazing and scumbling. Using this quick-drying media, students create small works on paper as they explore color, composition and paint application unique to acrylics.

Encaustic Techniques
Students learn the techniques of encaustic painting, in which hot wax is mixed with paint before application. Students review various examples of work created using this technique, then choose a technique to create work of their own.

Watercolor Techniques
This workshop offers an overview of traditional watercolor materials and medium. Examining its history and how watercolor is used in contemporary art today, students complete painting projects.

Print design seminar

Graphic Design: The Great Poster Tradition
Students come face-to-face with the revolutionary concepts of poster design as well as its history and real-life production techniques. They learn about Photoshop for image manipulation and InDesign for page layout and typography.

Illustration: Pencils to Pixels with Digital Color and Effects
Students create illustrations that combine the best of both traditional and digital media. They learn the illustrative process and enter the digital realm of scanning techniques, file preparation, and Photoshop drawing and painting techniques. Finished works are printed and mounted for the closing exhibition.

Character design seminar

Animation: Character Development
Participants will explore processes and techniques for quality character design including character turnarounds and basic maquette construction.

Sequential Art: Cartoons, Comics and Characters
Students learn approaches to cartooning and short sequence comic strips. The importance of character brainstorming, pacing and staging is emphasized. The application and effectiveness of humor and gags in the comic strip format provide the overall theme.

Elective workshops

Participants also have the option of taking two elective workshops instead of a specific concentrated seminar.

Storytelling: Exploring the Creative Process
Students explore and experiment with storytelling and create a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction stories. Students learn by exploring the creative process and examining different approaches to storytelling.

Drawing Studio: The Figure
Students explore the fundamentals of figure drawing, beginning with the basics of sighting and measuring and simple structural anatomy. Students explore a variety of drawing techniques that allow them to experiment with both line and value.

Sculpture: Portrait Modeling in Clay
By studying the basic principles in observational clay modeling, students work with a model and learn proportion and accuracy for sculpture design. Students learn how to create an armature for a bust.

* Course offerings are subject to change. Additional seminars and workshops may be added at a later date.