SCAD Lacoste Winter 2014 courses


ADVE 150 Creative Concepting
ADVE 210 Understanding Client Objectives
ADVE 304 Art Direction I
ADVE 729 Art Direction

Art History

ARTH 240 Treasures of Provence
ARTH Elective - TBD


DRAW 341 Travel Portfolio

Graphic Design

GRDS 348 Graphic Design Studio I
GRDS 380 Alternative Design Approaches
GRDS 402 Design Studio for Social Issues
GRDS 702 Graphic Design Studio: Methodological Practice
GRDS 726 The Role of Graphic Design in Social Awareness


ILLU 330 Poster Design and Illustration
ILLU 344 Illustrative Approaches to Concept Design
ILLU 365 Illustrative Approaches to Printmaking
ILLU 727 Illustration Concepts and Composition
ILLU 760 Poster Illustration

Sequential Art

SEQA 224 Character Design and Story Boarding for Animation
SEQA 355 Franco-Belgian Comics
SEQA 382 Visual Storytelling I


WRIT 320 The Art of Story Writing
WRIT 322 Writing About Place
WRIT 350 Writing the Critical Review
WRIT 410 Literary Journalism
WRIT 705 Techniques in Fiction
WRIT 753 Freelance Writing for Publication