SCAD Lacoste Summer 2014 courses

ANIM 180 Action Analysis I
ANIM 270 Principles of Screen Design 
ANIM 434 Location Research for Animation
ANIM 713 Drawing in Motion
ANIM 721 Storyboarding and Previsualization

Art History
ARTH 240 Treasures of Provence
300-level Art History Elective

DRAW 341 Travel Portfolio
DRAW 708 Graduate Drawing

FASH 220 Advanced Fashion Sketching
FASH 247 History of Fashion

Film and Television
FILM 106 Introduction to Screenwriting
FILM 215 Screenwriting
FILM 224 Survey of Film
FILM 315 Advanced Screenwriting
FILM 337 Directing the Documentary

PHOT 113 Photographic Foundations I
PHOT  312 Architectural Photography: Human-altered Landscapes 
PHOT 317 Photographic Travel: The Foreign and the Familiar
PHOT 736 The Photographic Travelogue
PHOT 756 The Conceptual Landscape

PRMK 200 Introduction to Printmaking
PRMK 320 Monotype Printmaking
PRMK 330 Intaglio Printmaking