SCAD Challenge lesson plans

Launch your students into their college careers with the SCAD Challenge scholarship competition. By guiding your students through creating their best work and submitting it using professional presentation, you can help your most talented students to secure scholarship funding for their college educations.

Need some ideas to get you started? Check out the lesson plans below to help you prep your students for the competition and kick their creativity into high gear.

Writing art critiques
Storytelling through camera techniques in film
Photographic abstraction
Thematic photography
Basic fashion construction with non-traditional materials
Handbag design using recycled materials
Lamp design with repurposed objects

For even more ideas, refer to these tried-and-true lesson plans submitted by teachers who attended educator programs at SCAD:

Lesson plan example 1: Fantascope animation
Lesson plan example 2: Light painting
Lesson plan example 3: Figure drawing on prepared paper
Lesson plan example 4: Picasso style self portrait