The walkable city of Savannah charms, enchants and stirs the soul, making it an ideal city for the University for Creative Careers. With one of the most unique and admired urban designs in the world, Savannah nurtures student artists and designers with its architecture, climate, hospitality and a culturally rich downtown area with more art galleries per capita than New York City.

SCAD Savannah is the largest of the university's locations, with more than 70 facilities interwoven into several of the most renowned National Historic Landmark Districts in the United States. Students live, study and learn in SCAD buildings that have been recognized by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the American Institute of Architects, the International Downtown Association and others. Within these facilities, SCAD never ceases to engage, enrapture and educate, with nearly 40 academic disciplines and endless collaborative opportunities.

SCAD Savannah's events enliven the city scene; the world's great personalities and talents visit the Savannah Film Festival, the SCAD Fashion Show, SCAD Style and more throughout the year. Many students choose to study at SCAD Savannah for the entirety of their degree programs, while others from across SCAD spend a quarter, a year, or more in this charming Southern city, surrounding themselves with beauty and inspiration unparalleled.