Rising Star student conduct

Course attendance and curfew policies are strictly enforced.

Students violating curfew policies are required to attend an official SCAD student conduct hearing, which may result in disciplinary action, including dismissal from the program.

SCAD maintains a zero tolerance policy for possession or use of drugs or alcohol and all illegal activities. Smoking is not allowed at Rising Star or in any SCAD facility, including residence hall rooms, hallways, common areas and classroom buildings. Student are not allowed to drive cars or take public transportation or taxi services during the program.

The university holds the right to dismiss any student in violation of policies or otherwise creating an unproductive or unsafe environment from the program. Program dismissal may jeopardize future admission to the university.

Curfew requirements

Rising Star students must check-in at the residence hall by 10 p.m. each evening. In Atlanta, nonresidential students must leave SCAD by 9 p.m.

After 11 p.m., students must remain in their assigned rooms.

Supervision and security

SCAD facilities have security guards at entrances during business hours. Residence halls have guards on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and entry is carefully regulated. Students are required to have a current SCAD ID card to access any SCAD building.

Visitor policy

In an effort to maintain safety, visitation and overnight guest guidelines are limited. Visitors are limited to SCAD summer program students and their immediate family members. The hosting of overnight guests is prohibited.