Rising Star course descriptions

Courses listed below were offered in Summer 2016. Courses for Summer 2017 will be posted shortly.

Credentialed SCAD faculty members teach all Rising Star courses. Upon successful completion of their courses, students will gain credits toward a SCAD degree or may transfer credits to another complying institution. The course offerings below are subject to change.

Foundation studies

Foundation studies classes consist of studio work augmented by slide lectures, demonstrations, field trips and critiques. Students expand their critical thinking abilities and deepen their understanding of visual language, which can be applied to concepts and materials encountered in major programs and in the professional world.

DRAW 100: Drawing I: Form and Space
Available in Atlanta, Hong Kong and Savannah
Students learn basic skills and techniques for drawing from direct observation using subjects such as still life, landscape and architecture. The depiction of form, light and spatial depth is emphasized along with accurate proportion and scale. Research tools such as thumbnail sketches, quick studies, sketchbooks and digital resources are used to develop ideas. Analysis of drawings, critiques and classroom discussions build vocabulary and enrich the students' understanding of drawing.

DRAW 115: Graphics for the Building Arts
Available in Atlanta
This studio course introduces students to the technical graphic representation techniques of design utilized within the building arts professions, as well as teaches drawing as a tool for thinking. Lectures and studio projects examine the language of three-dimensional form and deal with a wide range of analysis and representation of form, including mechanical drawing, freehand sketching and various means of rendering. Prerequisite(s): DRAW 100.

DSGN 100: Design I: Elements and Organization
Available in Atlanta, Hong Kong and Savannah
Students develop an understanding of the organizational methods used in 2-D work. They utilize the elements and principles of design while working in black-and-white and color media. Problem-solving processes and research are integrated into the development, refinement and evaluation of images. The work of professionals in a variety of art and design fields is analyzed to demonstrate the application of 2-D design. The importance of presentation and craftsmanship is emphasized.

General education courses

General education is an essential component of the undergraduate curriculum at SCAD, developing students as critical thinkers by providing an intellectual foundation and breadth of knowledge for lifelong learning.

BUSI 101: Introduction to Business
Available in Savannah
This course provides students with skills to successfully integrate business skills with their art and design skills to foster opportunity for professional practices in entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, budgeting and basic legal issues such as contracts, loan agreements, consignment agreements and commission agreements.

CMPA 110: Advanced Survey of Computer Art Applications
Available in Atlanta, Hong Kong and Savannah
This course is designed for students already well-versed in the use of art and design computer applications. The course covers basic components of digital design tools including vector, raster, modeling language and animation, culminating in the completion of a final project. Following an overview of HTML and webpage design, students create their own home pages.

COMM 105: Speaking About Ideas
Available in Savannah
This course introduces students to the fundamental principles and practices of public speaking. Topics include organization and communication skills that focus on audience analysis, topic selection, delivery styles, listening skills, critical thinking, argumentation, verbal and nonverbal skills, and the acquisition of academic resources.

ENGL 123: Composition
Available in Atlanta and Savannah
This course examines written exposition and communication. Assignments include analyzing and composing essays and implementing research skills.

MATH 140: The Geometry of Physical Space
Available in Savannah
Students explore, analyze and quantify the structure of 2-D and 3-D space and spatial relationships, including the geometry of everyday physical objects. In so doing, students learn how to solve geometry problems that emphasize proofs, Euclidean constructions, right-triangle theorems, properties of geometric figures, tessellations in the plane, theorems of circles and the Golden Ratio.

Major-specific courses

These courses offer students the opportunity to develop creative problem-solving skills and to communicate their own sensibility and vision. These courses fulfill introductory requirements in respective majors and also may fulfill a studio elective requirement. Placement is contingent on portfolio and transcript evaluation.

ACCE 110: Sewing Technology for Accessory Design
Available in Savannah
This course introduces students to machinery used in the accessory design program. Students also are introduced to decorative ornamentation techniques while applying these techniques to accessory design. Basic patternmaking skills are taught and provide the foundation for future courses in accessory design.

ADVE 130 Introduction to Advertising
Available in Savannah
In this primary course, students are given an overview of the advertising industry. Through lectures, readings and hands-on assignments, students are introduced to the roles of advertisers, advertising agencies and creative professionals. Topics include the influential pioneers and their work from the late 20th century to contemporary times, case studies of important campaigns and the evolution of creative advertising. Class projects and guided studio work provide students with hands-on experience creating advertisements using the same tools and techniques that creative professionals use within the advertising industry today.

ARCH 101: Introduction to Architecture
Available in Savannah
This lecture/seminar course introduces students to the theories and profession of architecture and encourages creative and analytical thought. By considering the entire scope of the discipline and the profession, the course focuses on developing an ability to ask appropriate questions in relation to decision making regarding the built environment. Students explore the abstract, spatial, social/cultural, environmental and tectonic concepts that affect the built environment.

CERA 125: Ceramics I: Understanding Materials and Techniques
Available in Savannah
This course explores a variety of ceramic processes, from hand buildings to basic use of the wheel. Focus of the course is on students' ability to build technical skill and on aesthetic approaches to using ceramic materials.

EQST 110: Fundamentals of Horse Care
Available in Savannah
This introductory course focuses on the care and maintenance of horses in a safe and secure environment. Students acquire an overview of all fundamental aspects associated with the care and the provisions necessary for the equestrian professional. Fundamental skills, including food and nutrition, proper use of equipment and common preventive measures for equine ailments, are introduced.

FASH 100: Fashion Technology
Available in Atlanta and Savannah
In this studio course, students are introduced to professional standard sewing techniques and apparel construction. Through assignments, the techniques are applied to produce finished garments.

FILM 100: Introduction to Film and Video Production
Available in Savannah
This course is an introduction to both 16mm and digital camera systems and how these tools are used to tell a story visually. Students learn basic lighting, editing and field sound recording while developing an expressive use of the medium.

FURN 309: Electronic Design and Visualization
Available in Savannah
Through this course, students become proficient in industry-standard modeling software applications, and how they allow for quick, accurate and transformable visualization of designs to provide a tool to facilitate communication between designer, engineer and client.

PERF 106: Movement for Performance I
Available in Savannah
Explores the practical exercise in relaxation methods, performance techniques and physical flexibility that connects the actor's kinesthetic sense to the expressive, connected and free use of the body as part of the storytelling process. Various movement techniques are explored.

PHOT 113: Photographic Foundations I
Available in Atlanta and Savannah
Through a combination of lectures, demonstrations, assignments and critiques, students learn to see photographically through an exploration of the basic tools, techniques and aesthetics of digital photography, with an emphasis on the creative use of camera controls, exposure, digital imaging software, and an awareness of the critical issues in contemporary photography.

PHOT 218: Black-and-white Technique
Available in Savannah
Exploring introductory and intermediate techniques of exposure, development, scanning and printing of black-and-white film and print materials, this course consists of a special emphasis on tonal control through the creative application of the Zone System. Areas of investigation include film scanning, paper characteristics, developer choice and fabrication, print size, multi-filter printing and chemical after-treatment. Further concentration is placed on aspects of design, composition, perception and content in black-and-white photographs. 

PNTG 203 Oil-based Media Exploration
Available in Savannah
Explores versatile processes for planning and developing a visual idea using oil-based media. The course examines both traditional and contemporary applications of media, including under-painting, fat over lean paint application, glazing, scumbling, impasto and alla prima. Students construct and prepare sound painting supports for canvas and panel as well as an oil-primed, sized linen support and are taught safe handling of solvents and mediums. Previous experience recommended.

PROD 101: Introduction to Production Design
Available in Savannah
In this course, students are introduced to the fundamentals of production design for stage and screen, including the application of costume, scenery, lighting and props and their importance in film, theater and television productions. The student is introduced to the impact that scene, light, costume elements and props have in a complete production or performance.

VSFX 101: Survey of Visual Effects
Available in Savannah
This course introduces students to the history and development of visual effects through lectures, readings and screenings of important works. Students examine the various ways in which artistic and technological tools have been used to create convincing visual effects for film, television and games. Studies focus on the variety of ways in which visual effects techniques have evolved to keep up with increasingly discerning audiences.