Next Generation Art Competition: FAQ

Can I enter more than one category?

Yes. Eligible students may enter one, two or all three categories.

Can I enter more than one piece for each category?

No. Eligible students may enter multiple competitions but will only be able to submit one piece per category.

Can I win multiple awards?

No. Students may enter multiple categories but will only be awarded one prize package. Students who win multiple categories will receive the highest prize package they were awarded.

Do I have to apply to SCAD to be eligible to compete?

No. All eligible senior secondary students in Hong Kong and Macau are welcome to compete.

I worked in a group to complete my film/animation entry. Can we all submit the piece for the competition?

While students are permitted to work together on film and animation projects, only one student may enter the film/animation for judging.

Is there a theme for each category?

There is not an overall theme for Next Generation Art Competition 2013 or for individual categories. We encourage you to create pieces that demonstrate your unique talent and voice as an artist or designer.

I'm not a citizen of Hong Kong or Macau. Can I still participate?

Students of all citizenships can participate if they are enrolled as a senior secondary school student in Hong Kong or Macau during the 2012-13 academic year. The competition is not open to other areas for the 2012-13 academic year. Check out SCAD Challenge for another international SCAD art and design competition.