Courses vary each term and may be offered in painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, film and television, photography, digital imaging, historic preservation, performing arts, art history, architecture, liberal arts, French language and culture, and other topics. Courses are taught in English. Full degree programs are not offered at Lacoste.

Students find that their time at Lacoste is fulfilling in so many different ways. Not only are they immersed in the Provencal French culture, landscape and artistry, but opportunities abound for them to travel to destinations both near and far.

Coursework exceeds the norm, with firsthand experiences at world renown festivals, visits to famed historic locations and close encounters with some of the most famous works of art ever created often led by visiting artists and professors. Students are able to work alongside burgeoning and acclaimed artists-in-residence making the SCAD Lacoste experience a truly life-changing one.

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