Incoming students







Amount per year


Basic eligibility requirement

SCAD academic scholarships


US $1,500-$12,000


Must demonstrate academic achievement

SCAD achievement scholarships


US $1,000-$7,500


Must demonstrate overall achievement

May and Paul Poetter Scholarship


Full tuition


Must demonstrate superior academic achievement

Frances Larkin McCommon Scholarship


Full tuition


Must demonstrate superior artistic achievement

Georgia HOPE scholarship


Varies, determined by state of Georgia


Application and eligibility details available at

Other state scholarships similar to HOPE
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SCAD may recognize and award funds similar to your state scholarship resources


Must provide proof of state scholarship eligibility to the admission department

Recognized achievements
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US $1,500


Must provide documentation of applicable achievement

Governor's Honors Programs
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US $1,500


Must provide proof of participation

Through the office of admission, SCAD administers a number of scholarships for entering students. Scholarship recipients are expected to be particularly strong and positive leaders at SCAD, excelling academically and representing SCAD well within the community. Scholarships are available to both United States citizens and non-U.S. citizens and are awarded to entering students prior to first-quarter attendance.

Entering students may be offered a scholarship from SCAD based on demonstrated academic and/or co-curricular achievement, including leader- ship, volunteer and community service, involvement, and artistic accomplishment. Financial need, as indicated by completion of the FAFSA or other documentation, is taken into consideration for need-based scholarships. A scholarship recipient may accept additional scholarships from other sources, as well as additional forms of financial aid, if qualified. Most scholarships are awarded to degree-seeking students, are applied quarterly, and may be renewed annually through completion of a bachelor’s degree (or up to 225 attempted hours) as long as the recipient remains enrolled and maintains a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0. Students who plan to pursue a double major or multiple minors should meet with a staff adviser to determine if aid is sufficient.

An annual award is intended to be disbursed over 45 hours of credit earned in three quarters at SCAD. Students may qualify for more than one scholarship and may receive a combined total up to the cost of tuition.

SCAD scholarship offers for undergraduate students vary according to whether students reside in SCAD housing. A scholarship student who accepts an on-campus award as an entering student, but moves out of the SCAD residence hall at any time, is considered to be declining the on-campus award amount and accepting the off-campus award, thus reducing his or her award to 70 percent of the on-campus award amount. Therefore, a balance due may be created. These students must then resolve any resulting charges incurred with the SCAD student accounts office.


SCAD and generous donors offer scholarships to students who excel academically and artistically and demonstrate need.

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Outside scholarships

Students may receive scholarships from third-party individuals or organizations to fund their education at SCAD.

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Additional SCAD scholarships

SCAD offers a number of  scholarships to students who meet a range of criteria.

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