SCAD Lacoste Fall 2014 courses*

ARCH 301 Architecture Design Studio I
ARCH 341 Construction Technology II
ARCH 404 Architecture Design Studio IV
ARCH 438 Urban Issues Seminar
ARCH 717 Graduate Architecture Studio I
ARCH 745 Graduate Seminar in Architecture
ARCH 747 Graduate Architecture Studio IV
ARCH 765 Emerging Urban Issues
ARCH 779T Graduate Teaching Internship

Art History
ARTH 240 Treasures of Provence
ARTH 3XX Art History Elective

DRAW 341 Travel Portfolio
DRAW 708 Graduate Drawing

PNTG 302 Intermediate Painting
PNTG 331 Landscape Painting
PNTG 409 Advanced Painting
PNTG 728 Painting Studio I
PNTG 738 Painting Studio II
PNTG 741 Painting: Directed Project
PNTG 758 Painting Studio III
PNTG 768 Painting Studio IV

PHOT 317 Photographic Travel: The Foreign and the Familiar
PHOT 318 Light of Provence
PHOT 319 Photography Project Seminar II
PHOT 475 Photography Senior Project
PHOT 719 Photographic Arts I
PHOT 722 Photographic Arts II
PHOT 736 The Photographic Travelogue
PHOT 753 Photographic Arts III
PHOT 764 Photographic Arts IVĀ 
PHOT 775 Photographic Arts V

Urban Design
URBA 769 Urban Design Research Seminar

*Subject to change based on professor availability.