Employee testimonials

"SCAD's commitment to smart growth, expanding student experiences and reflecting a changing global curriculum is unparalleled and is one of the many things that makes SCAD such a great place to work."

Sarah Collins; professor

"SCAD is an environment that sees potential and gives you the opportunity to bring it to fruition."

Kelley McClung; chair of foundation studies

"For me, SCAD is a family of talented individuals all pushing forward toward the same goal — to be the best at what we do, encouraging our students to do the same."

Martin Smith, executive director of design and new construction

"I've served in staff and faculty roles and worked with seriously creative, smart folks across the college. SCAD has given me a home — it's a family, a place I can make a lifelong career. And that's why I love it."

Harrison Key; chair, School of Liberal Arts

"I love to see people get excited about SCAD. Just the mention of the name alone goes a long way."

Tra Scott; facility maintenance coordinator

"It's that atmosphere of excellence, feeling like you have the ability to make a difference."

Laura Kennedy; director of student success and advising

"Every designer dreams of working with people with whom they can share their vision and philosophy of design; every educator dreams of teaching students who are full of passion and enthusiasm about the curriculum. I have the honor of both here at SCAD."

Henry Kim; associate chair, Graphic Design

"There's always wheels turning at SCAD and there's always something happening. You're always going to be working on a project that's exciting and that involves a lot of people."

Bernardo Coronado-Guerra; director of design and community relations

"Every time I've wanted to challenge myself professionally, SCAD has been there with an opportunity."

Jaime Tapias; director of graduate enrollment, admission