Emergency preparedness

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A consistent all-hazards plan

The Department of Public Safety's preparation ensures a quick, effective response to minimize the impact of any major crisis on our students. An all-hazards emergency preparedness plan is in place to aid members of the SCAD community in most every fathomable emergency. An all-hazards approach creates an across-the-board, consistent response to all emergencies, regardless of the cause.

Emergency contact numbers

Emergencies in the U.S.

Emergencies in Hong Kong

Emergencies in France


The chance of a hurricane impacting a SCAD location is rare, but an evacuation plan is in place to ensure our students, faculty and staff remain safe.

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Active shooter

Campus shootings are exceedingly rare in the nation, but if a potentially threatening situation arises at a SCAD location, the Department of Public Safety has a crisis plan ready.

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We closely monitor any storm that could impact our students, but it's also important to be aware of how you can protect yourself during a tornado.

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Medical emergencies and care

In the case of a medical crisis, always call 911 immediately. The Department of Public Safety can assist students in reporting a crisis and will ensure they get quick help.

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Fire emergencies

Fire safety is a university responsibility, as well as a personal responsibility. SCAD has never seen a major fire, and we make sure students understand how to avoid starting one.

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Evacuation procedures

In the rare chance of a major citywide crisis, SCAD has an evacuation plan in place. Our foremost priority is to make sure our students get somewhere safe.

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