Educator programs testimonials

Educators who attend the SCAD Educator Forum and API Workshops have the opportunity to connect with colleagues and explore innovative ways of incorporating creativity in their classrooms. Here are a few words from previous program participants who have enjoyed their experiences at SCAD:

"I had a wonderful time and have already decided to attend next year. Your hard work was evident, and all of the faculty and staff made me feel so welcomed."

Dr. Susan Greer

"I had a GREAT TIME! I thoroughly enjoyed my workshops and meeting a TON of new art teachers from around the country."

Jerry Scott Goodwin

"I had a fantastic time last week and am looking forward to next year already!"

Amy Porter

"I attended and loved it! I really connected with the school and will be applying for the [limited residency] M.F.A. in painting."

Andrea Preston

"I had the most amazing time, and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the facilities for the students. The whole set up was exciting and enticing — I'd love to be a student there myself!!"

Heidi Mouret

“{AP Institutes} is the best preparation that I can think of for teaching and guiding students effectively through the AP process. An unanticipated benefit was the connections made with other colleagues, the opportunity to see their work and share ideas. In addition, this was fun and we were incredibly well looked after.”

Jane Sibley-Hager

“It gives good insight into the AP process and gives teachers knowledge on the areas that SCAD offers for students who are interested in applying to art school. Seeing the facilities and meeting with SCAD staff is a great opportunity for teachers to gain knowledge about SCAD and make connections with SCAD representatives that can benefit art students in high school.”

Cayla Nye

I feel confident in my ability to teach this {AP} course, where I was walking blind before the training. The events planned and the people planning and running the show were beyond amazing. I feel like I'm part of Atlanta and the SCAD family.

Brian Moody

"Such a positive group to share the week with, and our hosts were the best of any conference to date! Thanks SCAD for supporting art educators!"

Kelly Little

“I was treated very, very well. The staff and SCAD facility was fabulous. What an enjoyable and memorable experience. I cannot wait to share the information I learned with my students! I am sure they will be as inspired as I am/was.”

Jennie Roles-Walter