How to prepare

Before the fair

1Polish your portfolio

Prepare your résumé, portfolio and work samples. Get feedback from professors on the quality of your portfolio and recommended areas of improvement. If you need assistance in preparing your résumé, attend workshops offered through the office for career and alumni success.

Free Wi-Fi will be available for all. However, you should save your portfolio and work samples offline to ensure you will be able to present your work to employers. 

Schedule an appointment with your career adviser to fine-tune your résumé and other leave-behind materials.

2Build an online presence

SCAD has partnered with Behance to provide you with a free online portfolio. The office for career and alumni success will be encouraging employers who register for the career fair to preview the work of talented SCAD students and alumni on Behance. If you have developed your own website, you can include the link in your SCAD portfolio.

If you already have a Behance portfolio but are not a member of SCAD's gallery, ensure your work appears on it by joining now.

Upload your résumé to the SCAD Job Portal to ensure employers can find you in SCAD's résumé book.

3Take inventory

Consider your strengths, relevant skills, goals, the companies that interest you and your desired career path within those companies. Prepare your "elevator pitch" or "one-minute commercial," and be ready to sell yourself.

4Attend preparation workshops

Participate in a career and alumni success workshop to learn what you can do to prepare for the SCAD Career Fair. For more information, browse the complete list of career fair workshops in the SCAD Job Portal > Events > Workshops to see which workshop opportunities are coming next.

5Research available opportunities

Understand how your talent and skills relate to what the employers are seeking in candidates. Develop those skills. Thoroughly research your target companies and gather background information so you can conduct impressive conversations with company representatives. 

You can access the SCAD Job Portal on MySCAD to sort participating companies by targeted majors and class levels, types of opportunities, interviews offered and whether they are able to consider international students. Current students may find a link to the Job Portal under the Student Workspace tab.

6Know what to bring

Prepare several copies of your résumé — enough for all employers you will visit, plus a few extras. Bring your portfolio, leave-behind pieces and business cards.

Day of the fair

1Dress for success

Dress as if you were going to a job interview — you want to present the best image possible. Jeans and other casual clothing are not appropriate. You will only have a few minutes to make an impression on each employer, and positive first impressions are critical.

2Be flexible

Arrive early and have a strategy, but keep your options and your mind open. Lines will be longer for some employers. Ask yourself if your time would be better spent visiting with six companies or standing in line for one. Walk through the entire SCAD Career Fair and make contact with all the participating organizations to learn more about them and what they have to offer.

3Have a game plan

You will have limited time with each prospective employer; don't waste it. Review the career fair booth map to see where your preferred companies will be located. Then, when you arrive at the event, introduce yourself to company representatives in a positive and confident manner, and offer a firm handshake. Know what you want to say or ask and be direct. For example:

  • Discuss a particular career or job with that organization.
  • Ask about common career paths within an organization.
  • Discuss internship or summer job opportunities.
  • Ask about training for new hires.

Present your résumé and be prepared to discuss your background, qualifications and career goals. Ask what you should do to apply for a position with them.

4Exchange contact information

Give your business card to the people you meet and ask for business cards from them. Collect any available literature about the company. Ask the representatives when you can expect to hear back from them. Ask if you can connect on LinkedIn after the career fair.

5Make the most of your time

Attend the exclusive workshops and presentations that we've arranged to help you maximize your career fair experience.

After the fair

Follow up

Immediately following the SCAD Career Fair, follow up with an email or handwritten note to the representatives you met. Reiterate your interest in the company and the specific job you discussed. You might include another copy of your résumé or mention something specific that was discussed in the meeting to help them remember you. Thank them for their time.


Need more help?

For questions about SCAD Career Fair, email the office for career and alumni success at SCAD at