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Known for his complex, monumental and kaleidoscopic mandala paintings, SCAD alumnus Caomin Xie ponders the magnitude and ethereal beauty of the celestial realm.

Now through Sunday, June 28
Savannah, Georgia

Considered one of the most important contemporary artists of his generation, Xu Bing is the SCAD deFINE ART 2015 honoree.

Now through Friday, July 3
Savannah, Georgia

The entanglement and dislocation expressed in Alain Nitegeka’s work reference his personal experiences of escape and migration.

Now through Sunday, July 19
Savannah, Georgia

This exhibition features selected posters, books, brochures and design concepts by Pierre Mendell (1929-2008), one of the world’s leading graphic designers.

Now through Friday, Aug. 7
Atlanta, Georgia