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Lead animators behind Big Hero 6 on making Baymax and careers in animation

By Tarana Mayes
Disney Animation’s Big Hero 6 raked in one of the biggest opening weekend box offices ever for a Disney film, $56.2 million. When audiences screened the blockbuster at Savannah Film Festival several weeks before the official release, they also heard from a couple of the heroes behind the film.

Shanghai Fashion Week through student eyes

By Joan Yip
Sixty-five students from Savannah College of Art and Design in Hong Kong recently traveled to Shanghai Fashion Week and Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics, the second largest fabric fair in the world.

Savannah College of Art and Design's catalog goes mobile

By Tarana Mayes
Over the last ten years, Savannah College of Art and Design’s course catalog has reflected the evolution of art and design. Now the vehicle for SCAD’s catalog has evolved, too.

Getting down to business at Savannah Film Festival

By Tarana Mayes
Don’t let the 90 screenings at Savannah Film Festival fool you. Savannah College of Art and Design’s week-long celebration of film is about more than art. It’s about the transactions and preparation that make it possible for us to experience the art. It’s about business: the elephant in most festival venues this week. Or if you’re film student Yang Xiao (M.F.A., film and television student), it’s the spaceship.

Savannah Film Festival: 5 benefits to future filmmakers

By Rachelle Murphy
I’m fortunate enough to be working at the 2014 Savannah Film Festival (Oct. 25-Nov. 1). I started with the festival in 2012 as an intern and moderator during my first year in graduate school at Savannah College of Art and Design. In 2013, I interned again under the festival’s director of operations. My festival experiences were so valuable that my thesis topic was, Beyond the Film: A Local History and Analysis of the Savannah Film Festival.

Furniture's career path runs through High Point

By Tarana Mayes
If design is the intermediary between humans and experience, then furniture design holds the answers for how we interact with and experience our surroundings. You may never have thought about your furniture in this way, but it is the prevailing subject that rules the minds of furniture design students, in addition to materials, style, sustainability, comfort and function. There’s also the business reality to consider.

Students, SCAD rack up pancontinental recognition

By Chris Smith
The year is not quite over, but SCAD has already put 2014 to good use. Both the university and its talented students have been the center of several prominent international spotlights. Here’s a roundup of recent recognition:

Fink’s five musts to finding a good fashion career

By Michael Fink
There’s good news for fashion students. The fashion industry, like many others sectors, is starting to dust off the recession. In that time, though, we’ve advanced light years in technology and culture. Yet the fashion industry has been slow to change. That’s important to keep in mind when doing the resume rounds.

Savannah Film Festival rewind: honoree portraits of 2013

By Tarana Mayes
In the midst of the count down to Savannah Film Festival 2014 (Oct. 25 - Nov. 1), a batch of Adam Kuehl’s distinctive portraits of Savannah College of Art and Design's honorees went up in Jen Library. From where the portraits hang in Jen’s study rooms, it’s hard to decipher who is ogling whom. Do the students glance up between chapters to study the faces of the film icons whose paths they want to trace?

Here's to a successful fall quarter

By Travis Walters
We’ve just wrapped up our first week of an already life-changing quarter. We wanted to recap everything that’s happened and mention a few of the things to look for in the coming months.