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Au revoir, Lacoste!

Posted Jun. 6 2014 by Cedric Maros
Joining their peers in Savannah and Hong Kong, students studying at Savannah College of Art and Design in Lacoste finished out spring quarter by hosting their own version of the Sidewalk Arts Festival for families and children throughout the region.
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Teaching travel photography: the foreign and familiar

Posted May. 28 2014 by Thomas Fischer
The photography department at Savannah College of Art and Design has a wealth of great teachers, many of which have taught the class Travel Photography: The Foreign and Familiar in our study abroad programs. Each one has their own approach to the class, but I am sure that the common thread is to help students find their own voice while traveling abroad.
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Waste to Art: HSBC-SCAD Hong Kong exhibit redefines reuse

Posted Apr. 30 2014 by Taylor Kigar
One last nod to Mother Earth before Earth Month slips away. Behold the thought-provoking and stunning pieces that comprise the Hong Kong exhibition, "Waste to Art." The show is a result of HSBC's partnership with 29 Savannah College of Art and Design freshmen to raise environmental awareness within the bank's community. In three months time, the students made sculptures composed entirely of recycled waste provided by the bank, including plastic, paper, and electronics.
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FĂȘte d'Automne

Posted Nov. 6 2013 by Cedric Maros
What happens when you turn dozens of inventive art students loose on the streets of a medieval village in late October? A Halloween celebration for the ages. Savannah College of Art and Design students imported the festive atmosphere of Halloween here to Provence last week. The annual event started several years ago when students studying in Lacoste wanted to bring their Halloween traditions with them overseas. Now more than 500 villagers celebrate every year with the students, who organize pumpkin carving and face painting workshops for local children.