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Watch: SCADpad micro-house unveiled

Posted Apr. 10 2014 by Tarana Mayes
In a conventional Atlanta parking deck, Savannah College of Art and Design has launched an unconventional solution to explosive urban population growth and the accompanying demand for flexible housing. If you missed the live unveiling of SCADpad here on Thread, watch it now and take a virtual tour below.
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Not your mother’s dorm room

Posted Sep. 20 2013 by Tarana Mayes
It may have been a while since you’ve crossed the threshold of a dorm. I lived on campus all four years at college and the self-serve waffle station was the only feature worth remembering. On the other hand, SCAD’s Montgomery House has way, wayyyy more than hot waffles going for it. (More on food later.) Montgomery House is SCAD’s biggest construction project in Savannah to date -- serving upperclassmen who attend digital media classes at Montgomery Hall.
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SCAD welcomes its 35th class

Posted Sep. 15 2013 by Tarana Mayes
Atlanta, Hong Kong, and Savannah are abuzz with the fresh energy of the class of 2017, new transfer and graduate students. SCAD’s 35th anniversary, to be celebrated throughout the year, loomed large over all orientation activities. In some places quite literally.