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'Jurassic World': a blockbuster opportunity for a future filmmaker

Zach Prengler (B.F.A., film and television, junior) was several months from being born when Jurassic Park hit theaters in 1993. Fast forward two sequels and 22 years and the release of Jurassic World has the Savannah College of Art and Design film student giddy. Not only will Prengler be among millions of people to see the summer blockbuster, he’s in it. It was all in a days work for Prengler, a production assistant.

'Ovation for Oscar' director on Cannes and fashion films

Rare projects require rare talent. To make the documentary Ovation for Oscar: An Exhibition at SCAD Museum of Art − about the first posthumous museum tribute to Oscar de la Renta − Savannah College of Art and Design chose one of its own.

Adventure to a college Emmy

How do I travel for free and make this my job? Many ask this question, but Joey Katz (B.F.A., film and television, senior) answered it. Winner of a College Television Award, the Adventure Katz web series is the culmination of two years spent documenting shoe-string-budget trips to Europe, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Jacksonville, Florida. And those are just the episodes in the can.

Documentary by environmental filmmaking students captures exhilarating footage and a prize

If you haven’t noticed, cable television is awash with channels dedicated to wildlife. Discovery, Nat Geo Wild, Animal Planet, all of them rely on the unique craft of environmental filmmaking and, in many cases, the bravery of the crew behind the camera. Despite the often harrowing field conditions, the genre is exploding.