Promotions: strategies for attracting a television audience


Whether scripted or unscripted, television content doesn’t have an audience without promotion. The Promoting the Product panelists at aTVfest shared their approaches for attracting and building an audience, as well as proven methods for mutual promotion in today’s integrated media environment.

Here, Frank Radice, former president of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences and a consultant on the soon to launch El Rey Network, describes his approach to building a promotional strategy around Machete filmmaker Robert Rodriguez, who inspired the channel's brand. Sound designers, take note, you're a major player in this process.


For an established network, like those in the Turner Entertainment family, integrated marketing as become a staple. In this clip panelist Rick Dascher, executive director of Turner Entertainment's creative agency The Sponsor Shop, breaks down the meaning of integrated marketing and shows how his team partners with corporate sponsors to achieve mutually beneficial promotions.

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