Snapshots of SCAD alumni in the West and the Midwest


From the South, we move West and Midwest for our last installment in this week's series on Savannah College of Art and Design alumni. For those of you who can't make Alumni Weekend 2014 (April 25-27), think of it as a virtual homecoming. With your help and input, however, this reunion of stories can continue througout the year. Please send us your updates to

Benny Gold, 1998
B.F.A., Graphic Design

Where are they now: Owner and designer of Benny Gold store and design studio in San Francisco, Calif.

One word that describes time at SCAD: Inspirational

Favorite SCAD memory: My favorite memory of my time at SCAD was falling in love with graphic design. Before attending college, I had no idea what it meant to be a designer. Thank you!

Biggest changes in the field since graduation: The biggest change in my career path was making myself the client. After graduating, I was working in design firms and corporate jobs until I took the chance to develop a personal project. I am glad I did and haven't looked back since.

Advice to students: The best advice that I can give is to not be afraid of rejection. When I graduated, I sent out a million resumes and barely got any call backs. It took close to a year to land my first real design job. Once someone took a chance on me everything started to fall into place.

Lookbook photo from Benny's design collaboration with JanSport and Pendleton.

Mike Wohnoutka, 1993
B.F.A., Illustration

Where are they now: Freelance illustrator and author in Minneapolis, Minn.

One word that describes time at SCAD: Challenging (in a good way)

Favorite SCAD memory: Seeing David Shannon's presentation on how he illustrated his first children's book.

Biggest changes in the field since graduation: There are so many creative people pushing children's books in every direction. It's very exciting to see how this medium has grown and changed in so many positive ways since I graduated.

Advice to students: Persistence is the key...seriously.

Mike's first book as both illustrator and author coming out this Fall, published by Holiday House.


Laurence Rothman, 1997
B.F.A., Fashion Design

Where are they now: Director of digital messaging and eCommerce at Crown Partners in Columbus, Ohio.

One word that describes time at SCAD: ENLIGHTENING

Favorite SCAD memory: Classes with the late Ben Morris, professor of fashion design. Professor Morris worked for Givenchy in the 1950s and was a fashion editor at The New York Times. His classes were amazing.

Biggest changes in the field since graduation: That's a simple one. Fashion went from being an art to a business. When we were learning, it was more about the art form and being able to conceptualize things. These days, it's all about lifestyle marketing rather than being an artist.

Advice to students: Be very willing to accept feedback and learn from people because that's the only way you'll grow your career, and go outside your comfort zone because you'll never grow if you stay in your comfort zone.


Michael Myers, 1987
B.F.A., Photography

Where are they now: Was a New York fashion and beauty photographer for more than 25 years, now the head distiller and owner of Distillery 291, making award-winning Colorado Whiskey in Colorado Springs, Colo.

One word that describes time at SCAD: Unprecedented

Favorite SCAD memory: Breaking all the rules of photography while shooting images for my nature photography class.

Biggest changes in the field since graduation: The change from analog to digital photography reducing the number of jobs in the photography industry.

Advice to students: Follow your passion and do what you love; be an artist and do your work to your enjoyment.

Photo from a series Michael created in Africa.


Catherine Asanov, 2009
B.F.A., Photography

Where are they now: Freelance fashion and advertising Photographer in Los Angeles, Calif.

One word that describes time at SCAD: CAPTIVATING!

Favorite SCAD memory: Studying abroad in Lacoste and being able to travel around Europe.

Biggest changes in the field since graduation: Photography field merging into video.

Advice to students: Being a successful artist requires work and passion for your art. Anything is possible with will and determination.

Photo from one of Catherine's recent fashion shoots.

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