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Ok, so we’re a little biased in that all of these games bear the imprint of students, faculty or alumni from Savannah College of Art and Design animation or interactive design and game development, one of Princeton Review's top programs for Video Game Design. Just a nip of some Georgia-grown fruit, and a nosh while we wait to learn whether another SCAD game is chosen for the second E3 College Game Competition this summer.

NerdHerder by Georgia Tech

‘Herd nerds through a distracting office space!’
Art Director: Paul Tillery (B.F.A, Animation; M.F.A., Animation)
Project Director: ITGM Professor Tony Tseng

République by Camouflaj LLC

‘Intense, thrilling, and topical, RÉPUBLIQUE is a stealth-action game that explores the perils of government surveillance in the Internet Age.’
Game Designer: Paul Alexander (B.F.A., ITGM)
Character Artist: Travis Overstreet (M.F.A., Animation)

Ride ‘Em Rigby by Cartoon Network

‘Help Rigby hang on for dear life as Muscle Man rampages through the park. Jump, duck and grab power-ups to keep your ride going as long as you can.’
Producer: Lee Ann Kinnison (B.F.A., ITGM)

Bunny Reaper by Daily App Dream

‘Fun, cute, and a tiny bit cruel! Grab your trusty scythe and jump into the role of the Grim Reaper on his quest to collect the souls of bunnies!’
Game Artist and Level Designer: Molly Proffitt (B.F.A., ITGM)

Hot Mess by Nicholas Ralabate

‘HOT MESS is the story of a firefighting robot and its adventures helping everybody out.’
Art Director: Michael Stanley (B.F.A., ITGM)

Darkdawn Encounters by Leo Ceballos

‘A game of 3D, tactical starship combat.’
Producer, Artist, Designer and Programmer: Leonardo Ceballos (M.A., ITGM)

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