Find and reserve a bike using our mobile app at in your browser, or on the bicycle itself.



Once you’ve reserved a ride, enter your four-digit PIN code on the keypad to unlock the bike. Remember to ride safely and follow safety rules.



Want to stop for coffee? Press the “HOLD” button and lock the bike to any bike rack. Enter your four­-digit PIN to unlock and continue riding.



To end your trip, lock your bike at one of our convenient hub locations or any SCAD building marked on the map below.

How much does it cost? PRICING

$0 sign-up fee
4 hours daily free time
$4/hourly overage fee
Available for SCAD students, faculty and staff. Credit/debit card required.
  • $2 riding credit for returning a bike to hubs at The Hive, Oglethorpe House/ClubSCAD or Montgomery House in Savannah, or SCAD Atlanta or Spring House in Atlanta.
  • $4 fee for returning a bike outside an official SCAD Bike Share hub or dedicated rack, but within the system area.
  • $50 fee for returning a bike outside of the system area.
  • Maximum charge for riding time is $20 per day per bike.
  • Only one bike may be reserved and/or checked out at one time.
  • Trips are prorated to the minute.
  • Put a bike on hold before locking it to a rack to keep it in your name. The clock will still keep ticking. The maximum hold time is two hours.
  • Clock starts when you reserve a bike via mobile/web.
  • Prices don’t include sales tax.


Not near a computer? Want to reserve that last bike? You can use the Social Bicycles (SoBi) mobile application for iOS or Android to find the nearest bikes, hub locations, promotions and more.

Download the app today to get started!


Stay safe and follow the rules SAFETY RULES

Wear a helmet.

Obey all traffic laws, signs and signals.

Ride with the flow of traffic.

Stay off all sidewalks, including pedestrian walkways in the squares.

Be predictable and signal when turning.

Yield to pedestrians.

Need to know more? Frequently asked questions


Registration and pricing

Who can participate in the SCAD Bike Share program?

SCAD Bike Share is open to all students, staff and faculty. You must sign up using your email address.

How do I register?

Sign up using your SCAD email address at

How much does it cost?

Your free SCAD Bike Share membership includes four hours of free riding time daily, and after that the fee is $4 per hour. A $2 riding credit is awarded for returning a bike to hubs at The Hive, Oglethorpe House/ClubSCAD or Montgomery House in Savannah, or SCAD Atlanta or Spring House in Atlanta. Fees in addition to daily rates include:

  • $4 fee for returning a SCAD bike at a non-SCAD Bike Share hub or rack inside the system area.
  • $50 fee for leaving a SCAD bike outside of the system area.

What do I do if I have questions about charges on my account?

General account questions, including fees, can be addressed to Gotcha Bike through the mobile app or via email at

How is riding time calculated?

Riding time is cumulative, meaning the timer does not stop until you have locked the bike and have selected to "return" it. Placing a bike in "hold" mode does not stop the timer; it only keeps the bike from being checked out by another user.

How do I get my personal identification number to unlock the bike?

At the time of registration you are provided the option to either receive a system-generated four-digit PIN or create your own.

How do I find my PIN if I forgot it, or can I change my PIN?

Log in to your account and select "Manage Your Account." Your PIN will be displayed under your profile. You can also select "Edit Profile" and create a new PIN.


Using the bike

Where can I ride a SCAD bike?

They can be ridden anywhere in Savannah or Atlanta, but must be returned to a SCAD Bike Share hub or rack. If you need to make a quick stop, use the "hold" feature to pause your reservation.

What is the difference between a hub and a rack?

SCAD Bike Share hubs are stations where bikes can be checked out and returned. SCAD Bike Share racks are parking racks designated for SCAD bikes. Personal bikes are not permitted to be parked at SCAD Bike Share hubs and racks, and will be ticketed — a $10 fine.

Where are the designated hubs located?

SCAD Savannah
SCAD Bike Share hubs are located at The Hive, Oglethorpe House/ClubSCAD and Montgomery Hall. SCAD Bike Share racks are located at Bradley Hall, Wallin Hall, Arnold Hall and Anderson Hall.

SCAD Atlanta
SCAD Bike Share hubs are located at SCAD Atlanta and Spring House. SCAD Bike Share racks are located at the ACA Residence Hall of SCAD, SCAD Digital Media Center and Ivy Hall.

How do I reserve a bike?

It is not necessary to reserve a bike in advance. However, if you choose to reserve an available bike you can do so through the mobile app or at Once you find an available bike, select that bike and click "Rent." This will hold the bike for 15 minutes. If the bike is not picked up within 15 minutes, the bike becomes available again.

How do I lock and unlock a bike?

To lock and unlock a SCAD Bike Share bike, enter your four-digit PIN into the bike's keypad and hit the green check mark. If unlocking, once the bike is unlocked, remove the U-lock and place it in the holder on the side of the bike.

What does it mean to put a bike on hold?

Placing a bike on hold means you are not ready to return your bike yet, but you needed to hop off to run an errand. To place a bike on hold, simply push the "Hold" button on the bike's keypad, and then lock the bike securely to a bike rack by inserting the U-lock through the bicycle frame. Once the bike is in "hold" mode, the hold time can be adjusted in 15-, 30- or 60-minute increments, up to a maximum of two hours. Once the time limit has expired, the bike will become available for others to use. Note that hold time counts toward your daily ride time.

Do I have to return the bike to the same hub I checked it out from?

No. You may return bikes to any SCAD Bike Share hub or SCAD Bike Share rack location.

What happens if the bike breaks or is damaged?

If you encounter a problem while on the bike, for example, a flat tire or a mechanical issue, press the "Repair" button on the keypad and make sure the bike is securely locked with the U-lock. Then, complete the return process to avoid being charged for further use.

What should I do if I am involved in an accident or other emergency?

Dial 911 if you need immediate medical assistance. Contact the SCAD Department of University Safety at 912.525.4500 to report an incident in Savannah and 404.254.3333 to report an incident in Atlanta.


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