SCAD Challenge winners

Each year, emerging young artists showcase their talents and produce inspiring pieces of work for the SCAD Challenge competition.

Below are the 2016-17 SCAD Challenge winners and SCAD scholarship recipients.

First place senior 2-D design, Tara Maake, "Woven Talons"


First place senior 3-D design, Allison McIntyre, "Enoch: Detail 1"


First place senior comic book, Jason Hommas, "Untitled"


First place senior fashion, Renaise Kim, "Haute Coverture"


First place film, Nicholas Kredich, "Push Into The Swell"


First place photography, Abyana Fardeena, "The Life of a Farmer"


First place poster, James Dundon, "Design Rants"


First place junior 2-D design, Jamal Monroe, "Visual Duality"


First place junior photography, Francesca Thompson, "Untitled"