Current student scholarship FAQ

When will the online application be available?

Applications will be available via MySCAD from April 1 through April 30.

Where do I submit my application?

Applications may be submitted online only. Log into MySCAD, click on Student Workspace tab, look in Student Toolkit section, and click on link "Scholarships for Current Students." 

Will a portfolio be required?

Unless otherwise specified in the scholarship description, portfolios are not accepted. Finalists may be contacted in May to submit a portfolio. Finalists will be notified on an individual basis and asked to submit portfolios if necessary. If requested to submit a portfolio, finalists will only have three to four days, so be prepared and plan ahead.

How will scholarship finalists be contacted for additional information?

If additional information is required (letters of recommendation, portfolio), students will be contacted on an individual basis by student financial services through his or her assigned SCAD student email account.

Can I have my existing scholarship that I already receive re-evaluated for additional funding?

No. Scholarships for new, incoming students awarded by the office of admission remain the same amount for the extent of a student's college career. Scholarships for existing students awarded by student financial services are awarded quarterly based on what's displayed on the website. In all cases, scholarship award amounts are agreed upon prior to acceptance and will not be re-evaluated.

Will I need faculty letters of support or recommendation?

Unless otherwise specified in the scholarship description, letters of recommendation are not accepted. If the scholarship requires letters of recommendation, attach the letters in the same document as your résumé and attach to application upon submitting.

Applicants will need to provide a faculty name, telephone number and email address as reference on the online application. The scholarship review board may contact the professor listed on the application for more information.

Will I need to submit a copy of my transcript?

No. A copy of a student's transcript is not required.

How many scholarships can I apply for?

Students can be awarded only one scholarship but by submitting your application, you will be considered for all scholarships for which you are eligible.

Where do I apply for travel/off-campus scholarships?

Travel scholarships in varying amounts are awarded to qualified students who have been accepted to participate in a SCAD off-campus program. For more information, contact the scholarship specialist in student financial services via email.

How many credit hours do I need to have by spring quarter to be eligible for scholarships?

The amount of credit hours needed varies by scholarship. Consult the scholarship description for number of credit hours required. If not stated, undergraduates must have completed 45 credit hours at SCAD by the end of spring quarter and graduates must have completed 15 credit hours at SCAD by the end of spring quarter.

Where do I find information regarding résumé requirements to be submitted with continuing student scholarships?

Students may upload and attach a résumé to strengthen their online scholarship application, but it is not required.

Are students who are enrolled part time this spring, but will be enrolled full time this fall still eligible for scholarships with a full-time requirement?

Yes. Students of both part-time and full-time statuses may apply for scholarships. However, awards will not be posted to student accounts the following quarters unless the student has fulfilled the appropriate status.

How do I demonstrate financial need?

The documentation on record in the financial aid office will be a factor in determining financial need. The scholarship application has a 350-word essay that the applicant will be required to complete, and a description of financial need can be included in the student's essay.

If I complete an undergraduate degree in the spring and plan to attend graduate school in the fall, can I be awarded an undergraduate scholarship to be used for graduate classes?


How will scholarship recipients be notified?

Applications are reviewed in May and recipients are notified during the first week of June. Finalists needing to submit a portfolio or letters of recommendation will be contacted via email. Both scholarship recipients and non-recipients will be notified via email.

Are these the only opportunities for SCAD students who are already enrolled in classes?

Students should refer to the non-institutional scholarships page of the financial aid guide. SCAD's financial aid office provides tips and scholarship search engines here. Also monitor the Calls for Entry and the District websites which often list contests awarding cash prizes.