Financial aid


SCAD participates in the U.S. Department of Education's Direct Loan Program. With a Direct Loan, students and parents are obtaining a low-interest loan directly from the federal government to assist in paying for the student's education after high school. To apply for a direct loan, visit



Amount per year


Basic eligibility requirement

SCAD Student Grant


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Must demonstrate financial need as determined by the FAFSA

Athletic Grants


Varies, awarded by coach
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Must be awarded by individual coach, for one year only, must sign contract

Federal Pell Grant


Up to $5,645


Expected family contribution
must be between 0 and 5081

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant




Must have lowest EFC, limited funding available, not guaranteed

Georgia Tuition Equalization Grant


Varies, determined by state of Georgia


Application and eligibility details available


Federal grants

Pell Grant (nonrepayable funds) 
The Pell Grant is a need-based grant available to degree-seeking students who are pursuing their first undergraduate degree. Student eligibility is based upon the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) as calculated by the federal government based on information the student provided in completing the FAFSA.

Under the Book Provision Policy, Pell Grant eligible students are provided with a means to purchase books and supplies prior to the end of the first week of class. To be eligible, students must have received Pell Grant funds, have a Title IV credit balance for the quarter, and have met all requirements for disbursement 10 calendar days prior to the start of the quarter. Eligibility is reviewed each quarter.

Once a student is determined eligible for the Book Provision Policy they will have access to their credit balance (up to $800) via their SCAD Card account. For more information regarding the Book Provision Policy, see SCAD's financial aid policies.


Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (nonrepayable funds)
The SEOG program was established to assist in making the benefits of postsecondary education available to first-time, degree-seeking undergraduate students. Awards are based upon the remaining unmet need of Pell eligible students. Funds are available to full-time and half-time students on a very limited basis.

Financial aid funding is considered estimated and is subject to change until confirmed by the funding entity or until funds are received.