Next Generation Art Challenge


Next Generation Art Challenge

Next Generation Art Challenge 2014 is open to all senior secondary students in Hong Kong and Macau and seeks to encourage and recognize the best in art and design talent among today's creative youth.

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NextGen Challenge offers prizes ranging from art supplies to teen summer workshops. Space is limited. Register today.

Next Generation challenge categories

Senior secondary students in Hong Kong and Macau are invited to submit one unique work to one, two or all three of the categories.

  • Drawing or painting: any traditional, non-digital 2-D medium is accepted
  • Photography: traditional or digital photographs are accepted
  • Animation or film: 2-D, 3-D or stop-motion animation and original live-action short films of no more than four minutes are accepted
  • Fashion: Fully constructed garment by individual or a series of three fashion illustrations depicting a cohesive collection of three works and accompanying mood board

Next Generation Graphic Design Challenge

It exists all around us. It is found on the products that we buy- the messages that are send each other- it is the visual currency that we use to operate in culture.

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Next Generation Painting Challenge

In this Next Generation Painting Challenge you will create a fully realized painting from inception to completion in 4 hours. This is an opportunity to paint, be creative and have fun while you demonstrate your skills as a visual artist.

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Next Generation Art winning entries

Winning entries will combine excellent technical execution with conceptual depth.

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Frequently asked questions

Have a question about Next Generation Art Competition? Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

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Get creative

Winning entries will combine excellent technical execution with conceptual depth. Entries are not limited by a given theme or genre of work, allowing the option of submitting striking and skillfully created pieces, regardless of content.

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