Official U.S. high school diploma or equivalent program

Unofficial and official transcripts

Freshman applicants may receive a preliminary offer of admission based upon unofficial high school transcripts/mark sheets. If an offer of admission is made, an official transcript/mark sheet from the last high school/secondary school attended showing all years of the student's grades and proof of completion of the high school/secondary school or equivalent program should be received prior to Aug. 1 for fall enrollment.* All transcripts/mark sheets must be in English or accompanied by a certified English translation. The office of admission must receive all official transcripts prior to the first day of class. Failure to comply with this requirement may prohibit the student from attending classes for that quarter.

SCAD reserves the right to verify all documents submitted in an application for admission. Offers of admission are contingent upon receipt of official documentation, and SCAD reserves the right to revoke any offer of admission should discrepancies be found. Any falsification of admission documents, portfolio or audition materials constitutes grounds for termination of application procedures or dismissal from SCAD.

Applicants who attended secondary school in Hong Kong

First-year applicants who attended the Hong Kong secondary school system must have completed six years of study in the secondary school system and have taken the HKDSE. Applicants should score, at minimum, level three in English language, level two in Mathematics and Liberal Studies; and score at level two, obtain a grade of E, or receive an Attained in two elective subjects from an appropriate Category A, B or C elective. A score at level two in Chinese language may be used to satisfy one elective requirement. Only one non-English language subject score may be used.

* Non-U.S. students, please refer to the international admission requirements for details. For U.S. students, a certificate of General Educational Development from the American Council of Education is considered equivalent to a diploma from a U.S. high school. For applicants from countries other than the U.S., SCAD generally uses the standards established by the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers to determine the equivalent academic achievement. For home-schooled applicants, an academic portfolio is also acceptable and may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Verification that the home school has been recognized by the state of residence of the applicant.
  • Detailed outline of the home-school curriculum, including subject areas studied, time spent on each discipline, and, if applicable, grades awarded. A home-school transcript may fulfill this requirement.
  • Writing sample that is academic in nature, but not necessarily a graded assignment or one used for coursework.
  • Résumé of classes taken outside the home. If classes have been taken at a college or university, official transcripts are required.

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