Joint enrollment

A high school student 16 years of age or older who wishes to be admitted for joint enrollment on a part-time basis during the junior or senior year must apply using the application process for first-time freshmen and must be recommended for joint enrollment by a counselor and a teacher. In addition, joint enrollment applicants should meet or exceed normal undergraduate admission requirements.

Joint enrollment is on a space-available basis. Courses are not intended to fulfill high school graduation requirements; they do carry college-level credit and may be used in fulfillment of a certificate or degree program if the student applies and is accepted as a degree-seeking student. Joint enrolled students may be considered for scholarships, but are not eligible for federal or state financial aid and may not reside in university housing while joint enrolled. Joint enrolled students who have taken courses on a nondegree-seeking basis and wish to become degree-seeking must reapply to SCAD and fulfill the application requirements in effect for degree-seeking students.

Become a SCAD eStar

High school and home-school students who meet or exceed the admission criteria for joint enrollment may be eligible for half-tuition courses through the SCAD eLearning pre-college scholarship. This allows students to accelerate their college education by taking college-level courses online while still in high school.

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