Student work that goes beyond the classroom

Nothing is a greater testament to the stellar resources and career preparation that define the graphic design degrees at SCAD than the top quality work our students produce. Here, a portfolio of outstanding work isn’t merely a classroom assignment, a professional gateway, or even the end result — it’s just the beginning.

Want to be a graphic artist?

Student work at SCAD is held up to the highest expectations and levels of professionalism. Through personalized, one-on-one critiques and group sessions, students are able to improve their craft under the guidance of talented professors and the support of creative classmates.

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Graphic design, Justin Barber, Kitsune, Winter 2014

Kitsune | Justin Barber

Graphic design, Jessica Leavitt, Academic calendar, Winter 2014

Academic calendar | Jessica Leavitt

Graphic design, Brenna Kaplan, Spark, Winter 2014

Spark | Brenna Kaplan

Graphic design, Veronica Silva, Luma, Winter 2014

Luma | Veronica Silva

Graphic design, Ann Bomar, Miaou, Winter 2014

Miaou | Ann Bomar

Michael DelPup, Do you remember, Winter 2014

Do you remember | Michael DelPup

Graphic design, Medini Cardenas, Bike safety app, Winter 2014

Bike safety app | Medini Cardenas

Oh, the places your portfolio will go

With student work like this, the job of your dreams is just one interview away. Learn how to land it with SCAD's outstanding career preparation.

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