Design Management M.A.

Design Management


Master of Arts

Available at:
  • SDES 501 Visual Communication and Presentation*
  • SDES 502 The Human Factor, Design Thinking*
  • SDES 503 Fundamentals of Graduate Research*
  • BUSI 710 Principles of Financial Management and Marketing
  • DMGT 702 History and Interpretation of Innovation
  • DMGT 706 Idea Visualization
  • DMGT 720 Design Innovation Development and Marketing Strategies
  • DMGT 732 Facilitating Creative Thinking
  • DMGT 748 Design Management M.A. Final Project
  • IDUS 711 Methods of Contextual Research
  • SDES 704 Applied Theory in Design
  • — 500- to 700-level elective

Total course of study: 45 hours*

* Intensive coursework may be assigned upon admission.
Consult your faculty adviser in selecting elective courses.
Course numbers and titles are subject to change.

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