M.A. in art history

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- Savannah
  • ARTH 700 Historiography of Art History
  • ARTH 703 Modern and Contemporary Critical Theory
  • ARTH 788 Art History M.A. Thesis
  • — 700-level ARLH or ARTH elective*
  • — 700-level ARLH or ARTH elective*
  • — 700-level ARTH elective*
  • — 700-level ARTH elective*
  • — 700-level ARTH elective*
  • — Directed elective†

Total course of study: 45 hours

* Electives must be from three out of four concentrations: ancient/medieval, early modern, modern, contemporary. Additionally, students are strongly encouraged to take non-Western courses. Architectural history courses at the appropriate level may serve as art history electives with faculty adviser approval.
† Choose one of the following: ARTH 779F Graduate Field Internship, ARTH 779T Graduate Teaching Internship or any 700-level ARTH course.
Foreign language proficiency is required in reading and translation. Students can meet this requirement by passing the language exam administered by the department. Students also must pass a comprehensive exam as part of the degree requirement.
Consult your faculty adviser in selecting elective courses.
Course numbers and titles are subject to change.