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At SCAD, we're dedicated to preparing you for your creative career with a well-rounded understanding of design principles and applications. And nowhere is the success of that mission more apparent than in the professional-grade, award-winning work of our students.

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Want to create architectural masterpieces of your own? Discover the atmosphere of creativity that will bolster your success — from interactions with classmates to big events and exciting opportunities.

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Architecture, Jordan Davis, Spring 2014

Untitled | Jordan Davis

Architecture, Evan Smith, Spring 2014

Asheville Culinary Institute | Evan Smith

Architecture, Victor Rodriguez, Spring 2014

Asheville Culinary Institute | Victor Rodriguez

Architecture, Raquel Geara, Spring 2014

Architecture as a Construct of Happiness | Raquel Geara

Architecture student work, James Monroe Public Library by Patrick Cooley

James Monroe Public Library | Patrick Cooley

Architecture, Zoe Lee, Spring 2014

Untitled | Zoe Lee

Architecture, Raquiya Glasgow, Spring 2014

Celebracian de Arima | Raquiya Glasgow

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We don't just care about where you get your degree; we care about what you do with it. Let superior career preparation turn outstanding student work into the perfect job for you.

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