Frequently asked questions

SCAD Summer Seminars

Frequently asked questions


SCAD Summer Seminars Atlanta
P.O. Box 77300 Atlanta, GA 30357
Phone: 404.253.2700 or 877.722.3285

SCAD Summer Seminars Savannah 
P.O. Box 2072 Savannah, GA 31402
Phone: 912.525.5100 or 800.869.7223

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What kind of applicants are you looking for?

Applicants should demonstrate academic strength and social maturity as well as a desire to succeed in the arts.

What are the application requirements?

Applicants must submit a high school transcript, one recommendation and a one-page essay discussing the applicant's long-term goals as an artist.

When is it too late to apply?

The deadline for scholarship consideration is March 1. The priority deadline to apply is May 1. After the deadline, files are reviewed on a space-available basis. Once the program is full, the online application link will no longer be available.

Who can I ask to write my recommendation letter?

The recommendation form should be completed by a teacher (preferably an art teacher), but may be submitted by a principal, guidance counselor, religious leader or community leader. A family member or friend is not eligible to write the recommendation.

I attended SCAD Summer Seminars last year. Must I reapply?


Is it possible to participate in more than one session?

Students may only attend one session in each location. To apply to both locations, students must select "Atlanta and Savannah" in the online application. The application fee charged is $35 per location. For example, students are eligible to attend Session I in Atlanta and Session II in Savannah.

May I still be in the program if I am already a senior in high school?

SCAD Summer Seminars are designed for students entering their sophomore, junior
or senior years in high school.

When will I find out about an admission decision?

Applications will be reviewed once all materials are submitted. It takes approximately two weeks for files to be reviewed. Notifications are sent out via email. If accepted, students receive additional emails detailing workshop placement and further directions for check-in.

Campus information

How much access to SCAD facilities will I have?

Students have access to the residence hall, a SCAD dining hall and academic buildings where workshops are held.

Can I use SCAD computers?

Students have access to computers that are set up specifically for Summer Seminars use. It is recommended that students do not bring their own computer. During the one-week seminar, students are not able to access the on-campus Wi-Fi or the Internet in the residence hall rooms.

Are there accommodations for disabled students?

Yes. Students with disabilities are provided educational services to ensure equal opportunity at SCAD.

Financial aid

Can I get on a payment plan?

The program fee can be paid in one or two installments. An initial payment of $400 secures a place in the workshops. If final payment is not received by May 15, the student is removed from workshops.

What is the expense associated with books and course materials?

All workshop supplies are provided. Once placed in workshops, students are sent a list of materials to bring from home.

Will being a Summer Seminars participant help me get into SCAD?

Participating in SCAD Summer Seminars does not guarantee acceptance or bear any weight in the application process but can help students develop artistic skills and build their portfolios.

Residence hall

If I am under 16, may I live in the residence halls?

Yes. Students are housed with other high school students participating in SCAD Summer Seminars.

If I am local to Savannah or Atlanta, am I still able to stay in the residence halls?

Yes. Staying in a SCAD residence hall during the program is the best way to get the full SCAD experience. There are many planned activities that go on during lunch and after workshops. Students who choose to reside in their own accommodations during the program are provided lunch only and are invited to participate in all evening activities.

Is it possible to check in to the residence hall early?

No, early check-in is not offered. International students may receive an exception and should call the Summer Seminars office to confirm availability before any flight arrangements are made.

What is the curfew in the residence hall?

Students must be at SCAD by 10 p.m. each evening and in their rooms by 11 p.m. each night. Nonresidential students choosing to participate in evening activities must leave SCAD by curfew times.

What are the residence halls like?

Turner House (in Savannah) and Spring House (in Atlanta) have double occupancy rooms with twin beds. Each room is air-conditioned and has a private bathroom. Each student has a three-drawer dresser, drafting table and stool. Both residence halls are ADA accessible and feature elevator service, study rooms, pay laundry machines, drink and snack vending machines, and dining halls.

Are the residence halls supervised?

All students are assigned a resident assistant at check-in. Each RA is responsible for a group of students and reports to a professional residence director.

Do the residence halls offer security?

The residence hall entrance is guarded 24 hours a day, as are all SCAD buildings when open. Building access requires a current SCAD ID card. To learn more, visit

What kinds of activities are available in the evenings?

Past evening activities have included trips to the beach, tie-dying T-shirts, field trips to Atlantic Station, ghost tours, movie nights at the student center, scavenger hunts, sidewalk art competitions, fashion shows and a farewell dance.

What meals are covered in the program fee?

Residential students are provided breakfast, lunch and dinner, Monday–Friday, in a SCAD dining hall. Dinner is provided Sunday; breakfast is provided on Saturday. Lunch is not included for students who arrive early on Sunday. Nonresidential students are provided lunch Monday–Friday, but may purchase additional meals in the dining hall. Students will receive a schedule upon check-in.

Do vegetarians have different dining options?

The SCAD dining hall offers vegetarian options in a wide variety of food, served cafeteria-style. For other special dietary needs, alert the Summer Seminars staff ahead of time so that accommodations may be made.

May I be away from the residence hall overnight?

Yes, if a parent checks the student out of the residence hall. Someone other than the parent may check the student out with written permission from the parent and the approval of the resident assistant. Notification must be received 24 hours before the checkout time.

Will there be a phone in my room?

Students are advised to bring a telephone and cord, as rooms have telephone outlets but no phones available.

Who are the resident assistants?

Resident assistants are current SCAD students with residence life experience and training who live in the residence hall with the students. They enforce all SCAD policies and assist students during the program.

Are sheets, towels and pillows supplied?

No. Students need to bring their own linens and pillows. A limited number of linens are available for purchase while making the program payment online after acceptance.


How do I travel to the program?

Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from SCAD Summer Seminars. Atlanta and Savannah are easily accessible by airplane, train, bus and automobile. A shuttle service is available for $25, providing transportation to and from the Savannah Hilton Head International Airport and SCAD Savannah, or the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and SCAD Atlanta. Shuttle service is offered on check-in and checkout days. Students should not make travel arrangements until written confirmation of acceptance has been received. Airport shuttles are offered at designated times.

Can someone from SCAD meet me at the airport?

Students who need transportation from the airport should fill out the request for transportation form and sign up for a SCAD shuttle from the airport on the online registration website. A staff member will greet students at the airport and resident assistants will accompany students on the SCAD bus to the residence hall.

Is it OK to bring an automobile?

Students are permitted to bring cars, but cars must remain in the SCAD parking lot during the program. Students are not permitted to drive their cars during the program, including nonresident students. If students use their car during the program, they will be removed from the program. Transportation to and from workshops and activities is provided.

Additional questions

At what address can we send mail for residential Summer Seminars students?

No packages should be sent to students before or during the SCAD Summer Seminars program. Due to the short duration of the program, most mail arrives for students after they depart. If you need to get something to your student right away, call the Summer Seminars office, and staff will assist you.

What about a dress code?

There is no dress code, but students should plan for buildings that are air-conditioned and may be cooler than the weather outside. Students should also remember that certain workshops may involve working with materials that stain clothing. Many students bring a more dressy outfit to wear to the closing exhibition. Some workshops require closed toe shoes for safety purposes.

For further inquiries

Do you have additional questions about the SCAD Summer Seminars program? Chat with a summer programs representative today and learn more.