Technical Direction minor

Technical Direction minor



The technical direction minor focuses on creation of film, animation or game effects artwork through the integration of custom computer software and technical skill. This interdisciplinary minor helps students utilize digital tools and problem-solving techniques to create the illusions of fire, smoke, water, realistic cloth, dynamic simulations and other digital effects that require innovative uses of technology.

  • ITGM 315 C++ Programming I*
  • TECH 311 Digital Materials and Textures
  • TECH 312 Advanced Application Scripting*
  • TECH 316 Digital Lighting and Rendering
  • TECH 420 Technical Direction for Compositing
  • VSFX 319 Programming Models and Shaders I
  • — Directed elective†
  • — Directed elective‡
  • — Directed elective‡

Total course of study: 40 hours

* Choose one of these two courses.
† Choose one of the following: ANIM 250 Digital Form, Space and Lighting; ITGM 240 Modeling, Materials and Lighting; MOME 401 3-D Motion Media Design; or VSFX 210 Digital 3-D Visual Effects.
‡ Choose one of the following: ANIM 351 Advanced Digital Modeling, ANIM 411 Technical Animation, CHAR 350 Advanced Character Setup, ITGM 415 C++ Programming II, TECH 326 Motion Capture Technology, VSFX 160 Introduction to Visual Effects Programming, VSFX 321 Digital Fine Art, VSFX 350 Procedural Modeling and Animation, VSFX 360 Stereoscopic Imaging, VSFX 425 Photorealistic Rendering, VSFX 428 Particles and Procedural Effects, or VSFX 430 High Dynamic Range Imaging.