Storyboarding minor

Storyboarding minor



Storyboard artists may pursue careers in film, television, animation, advertising or video game production, among other fields. Students learn to interpret scripts, plan shots, visualize a story before drawing it, and understand the importance of visual continuity by using quick sketching, perspective and composition. The minor also emphasizes story development and interpretation.

  • ANIM 270 Principles of Screen Design
  • CREA 178 The Short Story
  • DRAW 206 Drawing for Storyboarding
  • ENGL 180 Writing Fundamentals for Screen and Stage
  • SEQA 224 Character Design and Storyboarding for Animation
  • SEQA 312 Advanced Storyboarding
  • — Directed elective*
  • — Directed elective*

Total course of study: 40 hours

* Choose one of the following: ANIM 202 Principles of 2-D Animation, ANIM 302 Action Analysis II, ANIM 312 2-D Animation Production, ANIM 313 3-D Animation Production, ANIM 322 Acting for Animators, DRAW 200 Life Drawing I, DRAW 201 Life Drawing II, DRAW 230 Drawing for Design, SEQA 202 Drawing for Sequential Art or SEQA 220 Cartooning.