New Media Art minor

New Media Art minor



The new media art minor explores the history of new media forms, including computer-based and computer-enhanced communications, media-based performance, video, installation, sound art, digitally altered photography, telematics, robotics and other practices. Coursework explores the history, theory and practice of new media art.

  • ARTH  207 20th-century Art
  • ARTH  265 Survey of New Media Art
  • ARTH  340 Art Since 1945
  • ARTH  356 Digital Art and Culture
  • ARTH  420 Visual Culture
  • ARTH  491 Topics in New Media Art
  •   — Directed elective*
  •   — Directed elective*

Total course of study: 40 hours

* Choose one of the following: ANIM 202 Principles of 2-D Animation, ANIM 223 History of Animation, ANIM 270 Principles of Screen Design, DSGN 204 Design III: Time, FILM 100 Introduction to Film and Video Production, FILM 101 Introduction to Video Production, GRDS 382 Design for Multimedia, ITGM 120 Introduction to Interactive Design and Game Development, ITGM 122 Introduction to Interactive Design, MOME 130 Motion Media Design Techniques I, MOME 305 Time-based Media for the Art Gallery, MOME 309 Concepts in Motion Media Design, SNDS 201 Introduction to Sound Design, SNDS 260 Sound Art, VSFX 210 Digital 3-D Visual Effects, or VSFX 310 Matte Painting.